About Us

Hi, my name is Magda DK, and I am the founder of Houndbowl.
And I LOVE dogs! 


We have two wonderful and amazing dogs: Maya, who is the cutest, smartest, and most stubborn 17 year-old Yorkie mix you can find in the neighborhood... and our little Pika who is a 10 year-old Yorkie Schnauzer cross, and oy... a big trouble maker with an extremely large and loving heart. They're both unique in their special ways and a big part of our family. 
I devote a lot of my life to my dogs' happiness and well-being, and as a founder of Houndbowl, I believe that being a life-long dog owner adds to my capacity and knowledge to offer and produce these products.
In the photo below, the blonde pointy-eared hound is Pika, and the black poised one is Maya!
I have never fed my dogs a single kibble in their lives, and I never will. I'm very grateful that I have the means to cook for my dogs, and I believe an essential part to their healthy lives is good nutrition & love. No processed food, no colors, no preservatives, no high heating, no by-products, just amazing, human grade, home cooked-food.
I believe having a dog comes with responsibilities. They need walks, love, attention, grooming, care, and of course, good biologically correct food to keep them living long, energized, and healthy lives. 
Ideally, dog food needs to be high in animal protein, some fat, and low in carbohydrates. Feeding your dog Houndbowl ensures your dogs' diet is biologically appropriate for them.

Looking at the history of the domestic dog, we go way, way, waaay back. Our furry mutts share the same ancestor as the white wolf and they actually have 99% genetically identical DNA! Their strong hinged jaws and sharp canines make it essential for our dogs to rip and tear into meat and crush bones.

Dogs are not meant to eat highly processed foods that lack moisture and are primarily composed of carbs. 

You are what you eat, and that goes the same for our dogs. With good nutrition, I believe there are less visits to the vet! Personally, for us, it's just their yearly check-up visits when we visit our doctor! Veterinarians remark on Maya and Pika's lean, strong, and muscular bodies all the time. They compliment their healthy and shiny hair, which makes us feel good knowing that this is directly related to their nutrition. Knowing exactly what goes into their bodies makes it even that much more exciting!

We are located in the beautiful West Island of Montreal, specifically in Beaconsfield. My dogs love to take long walks by the water and run off-leash at Angell woods, free like the wind! Even Maya loves to run and explore, and I often get asked if both Maya & Pika are puppies, which makes me happy.
I have been cooking for my dogs since 2004. I really enjoy it, I love seeing the healthy results in my dogs, and now I want to share my cooking with you and your dog.
xox, Magda

Business hours:
9-4, Monday- Friday, excluding holidays.
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