Benefits of Houndbowl Dog Food

Above is an example of how much a ~15lb dog should eat per day. Compare dry kibble on the right, to the equivalent portion of Houndbowl dog food on the left.

 That's a lot less food! When we think of cooking for our dogs, we get scared of the amount of food we'll be giving them. We automatically think it should be the same amount as dry food. But since home cooked, biologically correct food, is much more nutrient dense, therefore we need to feed them less. The bigger the dog—the bigger the difference in the food amounts!

Reasearchers in Belguim, studied more than 500 domestic dogs over a five year- period. They were able to show that dogs fed a home-cooked diet that's biologically correct, had a life expectancy of nearly 3 years longer, than those fed processed food!
Click here to read the study


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of getting your dog off of kibble, I highly recommend watching "Pet Fooled" (currently available on Netflix). The documentary promotes a raw-food diet, which isn't what we sell due to possible associated health risks. However, the film does shed some light on hidden truths within the processed pet food industry. It's truly an eye opening documentary!



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