I offer three products:   
Home-cooked human grade dog food, beef marrow bones, and doggy birthday cakes.

All three products are made by me, in my kitchen, with love!

Dog Food

My food is composed primarily of beef (Ground chicken available for custom orders.) Through the years I have perfected my recipe and only use ingredients that are nutrient dense. I don't use fillers, and I do not use a lot of carbs. Houndbowl ensures your dog's diet is as biologically correct as possible, without actually going out and hunting daily.

Our dog food is sold in re-useable freezer-safe containers, made with 20% recycled materials.

Click here for more information on ingredients

32oz/1L Containers - $15.00*

32oz/1L Container - Ground Chicken - $18.00*


*Please allow 5-7 business days for us to fulfill all orders. 

Marrow Bone

Beef marrow bones are a staple in our house! Whenever I come home from grocery shopping, my dogs inspect my bags for these wonderful treats.

I buy them raw and bake them until they turn crispy and delicious. Normally, boiled or cooked bones are not good for your dogs as they splinterbut these perfectly roasted bones, are safe and can be given to your dog.

These bones help with dental health by strengthening the gums and front teeth. Domesticated dogs don't use their front teeth as a wild dog would—often resulting in extractions. Beef marrow bones are not only high in nutrients, but can keep your dog occupied for hours. We have tons of them laying around our home, so Maya & Pika can grab them whenever they want. The only problem is walking to the bathroom at night and stubbing your toe on one of these... ouch! These bones start out as amazing treats, but end up as a great dog toy that the dog loves to come back to.

The bone needs to be larger then your dogs' mouthto avoid any possible swallowing of the bone.

Marrow bone - Small: $4.00 Large: $6.00*


*Please allow 5-7 business days for us to fulfill all orders. 


No doggy birthday is complete without a dog cake! My cakes are all made with dog-friendly ingredients. No sugar, no preservatives, no colors! Apples, peanut butter, and greek yogurt, honey and flour. This cake, along with a gift or two, makes and ideal treat for your birthday girl or boy!

Doggy birthday cake - $25.00*


*Please allow 5-7 business days for us to fulfill all orders. 

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