There is no food out there that's is going to brush your dog's teeth for you! In my opinion, it is very important to brush your dog's teeth daily! My dogs are used to having their teeth brushed; in fact they adore the taste of their tooth paste. I brush right after their dinner, so they have shiny pearly whites for the evening and right through the night. 
I can't stress enough how important this is. Sadly, not brushing your dogs teeth may cause plaque, bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, extractions, and painful infections. Severe infections could spread and can even result in life-threatening diseases. 
We know wolves don't get to go to the dentist for regular teeth brushingbut they gnaw on bones, sticks, and other hard things that aid in the cleaning of their teeth and also keeps their gums healthy while chipping away at any plaque they may have built up. I give my dogs one to two beef marrow bones a week, and along with consistent brushing my dogs' mouths smell fresh and their teeth and gums are healthy!
Please keep in mind, only dog-friendly tooth paste is safe for our mutts. Scrubbing canine teeth with human brands of tooth paste is harmful and unsafe to them.

Unwrapping a Houndbowl Marrow Bone is also a lot of fun!

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